Configuring Actions

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Actions are shell commands and scripts that act upon the resource(s) to resolve the issue that is identified in an alarm.

Here is how you configure actions:

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

Create an Action

     1.   Click on New Action
     2.   Enter a Name and Description
     3.  Leave the Enable action box checked
     4.  Enter Start,  Completion, and Error titles and descriptions
     5.  Click Save

Edit an Action

     1.   From the Configured action list, click on an action
     2.   Modify the action settings
     3.   Click Save

Delete/Disable an Action

     1.   To Disable or Delete, select the action by clicking on the checkbox next to the action name
     2.    In the upper right hand corner of the dashboard, click on the dropdown next to Select
     3.    Click Disable or Delete
     3.    To delete, you will be prompted to enter the alarm name as a confirmation before deleting it

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