Configuring Dimensions

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Resources in your environment have identifying information associated with them, known as tags. Tags indicate that a resource belongs to a particular category. We use tags to organize and filter resources into logical groups for monitoring, remediation...etc. In Shoreline, these logical groups are called dimensions. Up to 7 tags can be selected to create a dimension.

Once you have selected your dimensions, you can also specify the parent/child hierarchy of how the resources are displayed.

Here is how you configure dimensions:

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a Dimension

     1.   Under Resources, click on the resource you want to create a dimension for
     2.   At the bottom of Dimensions and Hierarchies, click the + sign
     3.  In the Create new dimension or hierarchy pane, select up to 7 dimensions under Available tags
     4.  In the Hierarchy pane, you can drag and drop the tags to change the order
     5.  Click Create and you will see the new dimension listed under Dimensions and Hierarchies

Edit a Dimension

     1.   Click on the dimension under Dimensions and Hierarchies
     2.   Add new dimensions (up to 7 total) or rearrange them
     3.   Click Update

Delete a Dimension

     1.   Select the dimension under Dimensions and Hierarchies
     2.   Click the - sign
     3.   Confirm by clicking Yes, remove

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