Configuring Alarms

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Alarms notify operators when a condition or threshold has been met. The ability to automate alarms and notify operators proactively is a key capability of DevOps.

Here is how you configure alarms:

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a Metric Alarm

     1.   Click on New Alarm
     2.   Enter a Name and Description
     3.  Leave the Enable alarm box checked
     4.  Select Metric for Alarm based on
     5.  Select the Resource Type and apply a filter
     6.  Select the Metric from the drop down
     7.  Set the Threshold value - this can be a whole number or decimal
     8.  Set the Raise alarm when and Resolve alarm when values - these are whole numbers
     9.  Set the Alarm description and Resolve description
     10.  Optionally, set Mute when to disable the alarm under certain conditions
     11.  Click Save

Edit an Alarm

     1.   From the Configured alarm list, click on an alarm
     2.   Modify the alarm settings
     3.   Click Save

Delete/Disable an Alarm

     1.   To Disable or Delete, select the alarm by clicking on the checkbox next to the alarm name
     2.    In the upper right hand corner of the dashboard, click on the dropdown next to Select
     3.    Click Disable or Delete
     3.    To delete, you will be prompted to enter the alarm name as a confirmation before deleting it

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