Alarms Dashboard

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Alarms tell you when something has gone wrong and/or needs attention.  Alarms are defined on metrics, resources, and system state and are raised when a condition is met. The Alarms dashboard allows you to view alarm activity and details for a given period of time.

If you need to learn how to configure alarms or to refresh your knowledge, click here:

Configuring Alarms

Here is how you use the Alarms Dashboard:

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

Alarms Dashboard

When an Alarm is raised, detailed information about the alarm is logged and displayed on the dashboard in the Alarms module:

  • Start - date and time
  • Duration – how long the alarm was active or has been active
  • Status - Raised or Resolved
  • Name - you can sort and filter by Name
  • Description
  • Resource - Host, Pod, or Container
  • Resource name - you can sort and filter by Resource name
  • Condition - the threshold or value that raised or resolved the alarm

The dashboard shows the latest status of an alarm.  Let’s say an alarm was raised at 9:00 am and was resolved at 9:06 am.  The dashboard would show the alarm with Status as Raised at 9:00 am.  Between 9:00 am and 9:06 am, the alarm would continue to show Status as Raised.  When it was resolved at 9:06 am, the Status would change to Resolved.  

Monitor by Time Period

You can monitor alarms for a specific time period
     1.   Click on Period
     2.   The options are Last 7 days, the Last 24 hours, or the Last 60 minutes

Refreshing Data

You can select how the alarm data is refreshed
     1.   Refresh mode is Real time or Recent
     2.   In Recent you are getting metrics from the Shoreline back end
     3.  In Real time, you are getting data from the Shoreline agent which is the most up-to-date to the last second possible
     4.  In addition to the Refresh mode, you have to set the Refresh frequency under Refresh Every
     5.  The options are every 1, 5, 10, or 30 seconds, or 1 minute.

If you select the Manual mode, you have to refresh the data by clicking on the Refresh button. The timestamp of the last referesh is listed to the left. 

Alarms Drill Down

From the dashboard, you can drill down on a specific alarm for details
     1.   Click on a specific alarm Name
     2.   The first pane shows alarm summary information as well as the impacted resource

     3.   The graph shows the activity before the alarm, when the alarm was raised and resolved, and the activity afterwards

     4.   The detailed log of events shows the alarm lifeycle from Alarm Raised to Alarm Resolved

Zoom In

     1.   Highlight the area you want to zoom in on
     2.   The graph will zoom in
     3.   Repeat this to zoom in further
     4.    Click Reset zoom to go back to the original display

To return to the dashboard, click on Go to Triggered Alarm list in the upper left-hand corner.

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